Staff, Governor & Visitor – ICT code of conduct March 2020

May 2020 with COVD19 measures

ICT and the related technologies such as email, the Internet and mobile devices
are an expected part of our daily working life in school. This code of conduct is
provided to ensure that all users are aware of their responsibilities when using
any form of ICT provided by or directed by Norfolk County Council. All such
users will be issued with this code of conduct. Any concerns or clarification
should be discussed with the Headteacher.

  1. Using technology in school
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors understand that ICT includes a wide
    range of systems, including mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras,
    laptops and tablets
    ➢ All staff understand that it is a disciplinary offence to use the school ICT
    system and equipment for any purpose not permitted by its owner.
    (Teaching Staff
    Support Staff )
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will not disclose any passwords provided
    to them by the school or other related authorities
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors understand that they are responsible for
    all activity carried out under their username
    ➢ All Staff, Governors and visitors will not install any hardware or software
    on any school owned device without the permission of Jenny LaneSmith/Isabel Stubbs.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors understand that their permitted use of
    the Internet and other related technologies is monitored and logged and
    will be made available, on request, to their Line Manager or Head
    teacher in line with any disciplinary procedures. This relates to all school
    owned devices, including laptops provided by the school.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will only use the school’s email / Internet
    / Intranet / Learning Platform and any related technologies for uses
    permitted by the Head or Governing Body.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will ensure that all their school generated
    electronic communications are appropriate and compatible with their
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will ensure that all data is kept secure
    and is used appropriately as authorised by the Head teacher or
    Governing Body. If in doubt they will seek clarification. This includes
    taking data off site.
    ➢ If memory sticks are in use they should be encrypted if school data is
    taken offsite.
    ➢ No school data should be kept on personal devices, this includes
    images, videos or documents. Where this is already the case then it
    should be asked that they are removed or moved to somewhere within
    the school domain.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will comply with copyright and intellectual
    property rights.
  2. Mobile devices
    ➢ Personal devices must only be used in the context of school business
    with explicit permission of the Headteacher and will be kept in the office
    cabinet during the school day. Personal calls can be accessed during
    break times in the office or staffroom. Devises are not allowed in
    classrooms, unless there are exceptional circumstances and the
    Headteacher has given permission.
    ➢ Best efforts should be made where possible for all devices to be kept upto-date, this includes running the latest version of the devices operating
    system and any security patches installed.
    ➢ During COVID19 ‘bubble’ leaders will have access to their mobile phone
    in their classroom in case of emergency.
    ➢ During COVID19 if staff need to phone families the will use 141 to
    withhold their number.
    ➢ Specific staff will have access to mobile phones during school trips to
    ensure the safety of staff and children.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors using school equipment will not browse,
    download, upload or distribute any material that could be considered
    offensive, illegal or discriminatory.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will only use the approved email
    system(s) for any school business
    ➢ Images will only be taken, stored and used for purposes in line with
    school policy. Images will not be distributed outside the school
    network/learning platform without the consent of the subject or of the
    parent/carer, and the permission of the Head teacher.
  3. Staff and Parent use of the schools Virtual Learning Environment
    ➢ Access to the system is given by the school and at any point the
    school can revoke access
    ➢ Password and user credentials will be maintained by the owner, it
    is their responsibility to keep them safe
    ➢ Credentials should not be given to anyone other than the owners
    ➢ If it is believed that the account is compromised then the school
    should be made aware immediately
    ➢ Content on tapestry is owned by the school and can be removed
    at any point should they deem it necessary
    ➢ Content on tapestry should at no point be shared outside of the
    system. This includes saving images, screenshots, social media,
    messaging applications or via any other means.
    ➢ User accounts will remain active for the amount of time the staff
    member or parent is at the school.
    ➢ Data will be held on the system during the time the student is at
    the school and a backup is maintained for XXX amount of years
    until it is permanently deleted.
    ➢ A parent can request information can be removed at any point
    within GDPR guidelines.
  4. Social Media
    ➢ Staff may communicate with pupils or parents over personal social
    networking sites. NB. Some staff have friends who are parents eg)
    child’s friends parents, but at no point should discussions about school
    be discussed through these channels.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will ensure they have the necessary
    privacy settings to their social networking sites and they will not publish
    any comments or posts about the school on social networking sites
    which may affect the school’s reputability.
  5. Training
    ➢ All staff and Governors will participate in any online training offered and
    will keep up to date with current developments in social media and the
  6. Reporting misuse.
    ➢ All staff, Governors and visitors will report any incidents of concern
    regarding staff use of technology and/or children’s safety to the Senior
    Designated Professional/Head teacher in line with the school’s
    Safeguarding Policy.
    I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the ICT Code of Conduct.