Year 1

Curriculum Map 2020 – 21

SubjectAutumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
ScienceThe Human body

Castle drama – Focus: rebuilding the library, including Funnybones book

The Seasons

Winter – Focus: changing seasons
Forces and materials

Toys – Focus: making vehicles
Floating and sinking

Pirates – Focus: making boats
Animals of the ocean

Oceans – Focus: habitats and different animals
Plants in the world around us

Oceans and Sea Stories – Focus: differences between ocean and land plants

Castle drama – Focus: castles from the past
Guy Fawkes

Bonfire Night – Focus: important historical figures
Old and new toys

Toys – Focus: comparing the past and today
Famous pirates

Pirates – Focus: people of significance
 Elizabeth Fry Focus: Peoples of significance in the local area
GeographyMaps of castles

Castle drama – Focus: geographical features
Our local area

Castle drama – Focus: visit to the library to rebuild castle library

Pirates – Focus: aspects of islands
Oceans around the world

Oceans – Focus: oceans of the globe
Conservation of coral

Oceans – Focus: Great Barrier Reef
ArtColour mixing

Castle drama – Focus: working with colour

Penguins and Diwali – Focus: sculpture

Toys – Focus: choosing materials
Observational drawings

Pirates – Focus: details in artwork

Oceans –  Focus: colours using collage

Oceans – Focus: work by other artists
DTPaper castles

Castle drama – Focus: using scissors and paper techniques

The Enormous Turnip – Focus: Healthy eating
Bear puppets

Toys – Focus: designing a product
3D island pictures

Pirates – Focus: joining techniques
Split pin crabs

Oceans – Focus: moving parents

Music Express –Year 1
New instruments and conducting

Music Express –Year 1

Music Express –Year 1
Timbre, tempo and dynamics

Music Express –Year 1
Visual symbols

Music Express –Year 1
Revision of the year

MusicExpress –Year 1
P.E.Gym and apparatusDanceGymDanceThrowing and catchingTri-golf and athletics
ComputingUsing programs to create art work

E safety integral to the curriculum
Using search engines as a class

E safety integral to the curriculum
Using iPads to create algorithms

E safety integral to the curriculum
Understand how to be safe when using computers and the internet

E safety integral to the curriculum
Using programmable toys to correct accurate algorithms

E safety integral to the curriculum
Creating work on computers

E safety integral to the curriculum
R.E.The Creation StoryThe Christmas StoryJesus and his FriendsPalm SundayShabbatHanukah
PHSEChanges and settling into a new year groupKeeping safeRespecting one anotherSolving conflictsPersonal goalsTransition to a new year group