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Strengths:  2019

  • % Exceeding in GLD areas remained above Nat Av except: Making Relationships, Managing Feelings and behaviour, moving and handling and Technology. All the other 13 areas were above national average and our maths and literacy were particularly good.
  • SATs results remained above Nat Av
  • Children eligible for PP make good progress from their starting points (see table)
  • All children are tracked rigorously and regular Pupil progress meetings review progress and attainment and intervention.

Areas we are working on:

  • Phonics results remain in line with Nat Av but trend is declining therefore SIDP target. (see SIDP)

Comments on predicted results 2020: updated June 2020

  • Possible that phonics result would have been achieved better than last year
  • SATS results predicted slightly lower than last year (2019), except in reading,  as cohort attained low levels of GLD at end of Reception owing to high number of SEN.
  • Interesting to note that though 2019 phonics score on downward trend, reading scores in SATS 2020 (same children) were higher than last year’s reading.
  • Interesting to note that as COVID 19 enabled children eligible for free school meals to be offered food vouchers worth £15 per week, we had several families contact us to apply.  Most were eligible so our FSM numbers rose. (number and % to be confirmed)

Progress since last inspection (Feb 2018) Based on recommendations:

  • Phonics results are on a slight downward trend, though still in line with Nat Av. See SIDP monitoring table and analysis.
  • % children attaining Exceeding in GLDs remains above Nat Av.
  • Staff have worked together to review the evidence of children’s learning, particularly in Year 1 and 2 for the more able.  See SIDP monitoring table ‘To Increase the confidence of all staff in Understanding the New Ofsted framework September 2019’

Current strengths of Cecil Gowing Infant School:

  1. A broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of our children and inspires their imaginations.  We have a stable school roll so we know most children will have begun in Reception and so access our curriculum across the year groups. Eg) outdoor learning, visits and visitors, cultural capital.  Good results evidence successful impact.  We know our families well understand the needs of our children.
  1. Excellent relationships with parents enables staff to engage with parents to support their children’s learning at home.Evidence is seen in parent questionnaires, events in school, eg) learning cafes, singing assemblies, BBQ, Christmas Fayre, discos sports day.  Volunteers for weekly outdoor learning sessions.  Engagement on Tapestry.
  1. Wellbeing of all staff is prioritised with open door policy.  Autumn term 2019 was incredibly difficult owing to staff reductions forced by funding cuts, staff sickness and needs of different classes.  Supervision in place for teachers, Isabel has delivered training to Senior leaders from other schools.  ‘Building resilience ‘ training also successfully delivered to other school leaders.  Isabel’s training in positive psychology, resilience, and active hope provides basis for ethos in school.  COVID19 period evidenced how staff really care for each other and the families and children we teach.
  1. Children with SEND and vulnerable children are well supported and make good progress. Staff are experienced and motivated to provide the best support possible for the children and their families. Good relationships with agencies, eg)speech therapists, physiotherapists, OT’s, social workers and health visitors ensure plans are in place and followed in a caring and effective way.  Evidence seen in SEN individual folders, safeguarding practice and procedure, progress and attainment of children and good relationaships with parents and carers.
  1. School Improvement is transparent and involves all stakeholders.   Clear timelines and monitoring tables are documented and CPD is appropriate to the targets.  Governors are kept informed and provide challenge and support to ensure school improvement remains on track throughout the year.  All stakeholders are understanding of other priorities needing highlighting at different times. Eg) staff well -being, needs of children, COVID19

Areas we are working on:

  1. SIDP (see visual) to target areas of improvement : 

To Increase the confidence of all staff in Understanding the New Ofsted framework September 2019 (Subject leadership)

-To continue developments in Year 1

– To improve results in Phonics

-To ensure well –being of stakeholders (workload reduction?)

– To raise awareness of speech and language and how to best meet the needs of our children (first quality teaching)

– To improve levels of attendance

– To combat budget constraints. (generate income)