Class Information


Reception classes begin in September on a part time basis and slowly build up to full time after the October half term. Reception have a shared outdoor space full of fantastic resources and play equipment, including our rock water area with water pump and sailing boat. Reception children are supported to feel confident to slowly integrate into the wider school and usually begin their lunchtime play within the Reception outdoor area and slowly move onto the larger playground as they feel more confident to do so. Reception follow the EYFS curriculum, focusing on the child and their strengths.

Year 1

Year 1 is a big jump for children to make from Reception but at Cecil Gowing we believe that play is important right up to the time they leave. Year 1 is a mixed curriculum of structured adult led activities and free play in our enhanced Year 1 outdoor area which include a water area, mud kitchen and construction area. Children are given the time they need to have access to free play while slowly building up a more structured curriculum ready for Year 2.

Year 2

As the children reach Year 2 they begin a more structured curriculum in preparation for the move to Junior school. Play is still an important part of the school day but children are encouraged to work more independently and for longer periods. Year 2 is an exciting year as there is an opportunity to go on the Horstead residential trip and as the oldest children in the school, Year 2 are given more responsibility, such as showing prospective parents around the school.