At Cecil Gowing, we utilise the online learning journal, Tapestry, to track your child’s progress and achievements. As parents, the first day of handing over your child to the care of another can be an emotional time. As your child adjusts to experiences without you at school, most parents continue to want to share in these times. Tapestry facilitates this, by enabling a personal journal, or diary, to build over time. Photographs, videos and notes of special moments are not only recorded, but can be made available regularly and often immediately to you.

Through Tapestry, we can provide you with access to your child’s journal, allowing you to stay updated on their daily activities and support their learning journey from home.

To set up your account, we will need your name and email address. Once established, you’ll have the opportunity to view observations, activities, and memos related to your child. Your child’s other relatives can also be set up with access to the Tapestry profile so you can all share the excitement of the growth of your child.

Tapestry offers various features accessible via both web browser and mobile app (available for Android and iOS devices). While the app allows for easy uploading of observations and viewing activities, certain features are exclusively available on the browser. Therefore, we encourage you to regularly check both platforms to fully engage with your child’s learning experiences.